Synopsis Summary for Can’t Lose (Can’t Live with Losing) Episode 7

Hyung Woo is no longer bearable. At the mediation court, Hyung Woo and Eun Jae starts to fight each other, and neither wants to show any weakness or give any chance of reconciliation, despite effort by Judge Cho to calm down them. Eun Jae is heartbroken towards the sudden change of Hyeong Woo’s altitude. Under the tense atmosphere, they express discontent towards each other through the judge, says that they won’t regret.

They go back to office separately in their own car. In office they pretend to be in good term again. However, Hyung Woo tells Gi Chan while Eun Jae tells Woo Shik, hoping that they can talk favorable on them and more about their good things when the family mediation office come to the agency office. They comes out of Hyung Woo and Eun Jae office respectively, cannot help but to return to own place. They later gather in restaurant, discuss about the current situation of the two and complain about whose fault is it.

Eun Jae changes the PIN code of the house door’s lock again. And this time Hyung Woo uses a drill to open up the door. Eun Jae is shocked and wants to chase Hyung Woo away. But Hyung Woo insists to stay in the house until the court decides, as his mother has noticed something wrong and it’s still his house, after all.

Eun Jae and Hyung Woo starts to set the rules on which areas belong to who, which furniture is bought by who, and how to split the usage time on common property. Later, Hyung Woo takes out the camera carefully to capture every corners of the house. Mid way through when Hyung Woo is bathing, water supply suddenly stopped. Eun Jae demands him to get out as his usage time is up.

Hyung Woo’s mother calls Eun Jae’s mother, informing her that her son has finally gone back to own home, and they’re happy about it.

The next morning, Eun Jae is getting sick and Hyung Woo leaves the home to buy medicine. Actually Eun Jae is faking sickness, and once Hyung Woo left, she searches the house. Hyung Woo backs with the medicine, and Eun Jae pretends to fall sick again.

Back in the office, Eun Jae gets to know that Hyung Woo is meeting a client, so she leaves to join him. Hyung Woo says since she is sick, just let him handle the case. Eun Jae after the client agreed. When Hyung Woo backs to office, he bumps into his client which was served and taken away by Eun Jae, and they argue again.

Hyung Woo accidentally sees Eun Jae is dating with Tae Young, and begins to disguise and tail after them. Eun Jae and Tae Young go into a fashion shop to select clothes. All their movement is captured by Hyung Woo’s camera.

After leaving the fashion shop, Tae Young goes to Jeong Nan’s place to hand over the clothes, but does not tell him that they’re bought by Eun Jae.

Hyung Woo backs to home, and finds out that Eun Jae is gathering colleagues and Young-joo at home to earn their support. During the drinking session, Ki Chan is drunk and starts to arguing with Young-joo, and Ki Chan said he was fired. Young-joo is shocked upon knowing this. Hyung Woo sends them home.

Young Joo goes to confront head of department on why he fired Gi Chan, and she wants him to apologize to her husband. Young Joo is pushed over by head of department and falls down. Young Joo stands up for Young Joo, who is later joined by Hyung Woo to defend Gi Chan and Young Joo. They declare themselves as lawyer for Gi Chan. Later Hyung Woo and Eun Jae receive letter from postman.

Hyung Woo and Eun Jae are trying to get back their gifts to each other. They ended up going home without jackets, shoes, bags, accessories, jewelry and other items.

Hyung Woo is going out with Gi Chan to drink, while Eun Jae is drinking with Young Joo at her shop. Both of them is advised to drop the proceeding. After drinking, Hyung Woo and Eun Jae go back to Hyung Woo mother’s home for Chuseok holiday. They agree not to tell mother about the divorce. Hyung Woo says sorry to mother.

Eun Jae is together with mother-in-law in the kitchen, and is asked to cook. Eun Jae has a tough time cooking. Hyung Woo is helping to clean the dishes while she rested. Hyung Woo’s mother says Eun Jae is very lucky to find such a good husband. Eun Jae drinks in the kitchen, and by the time she finished cooking, she almost drunk. Eun Jae starts to talk nonsensically and it worries Hyung Woo who is afraid that his mother will know they’re in divorce proceeding. Hyung Woo pulls Eun Jae back to the room, but his mother already notices something is not right.

While driving home, Hyung Woo is still worrying about his mother finding out about their divorce.

Hyung Woo’s mother called Tae Young and Gi Chan to her house, and asks them what’s happening to her son. Before Tae Young able to stop Gi Chan, Ki Chan spells out the word of divorce.

Hyung Woo and Eun Jae back to the office, but all the staffs is resigning en-mass.

On the counseling session, Hyung Woo takes out his two years of recording to prove Eun Jae wrongdoings. Eun Jae is shocked and looks pissed off.

Hyung Woo’s mother is visiting the office and wants to see her son. The staff doesn’t manage to stop her and she goes straight in, seeing the counseling session for divorce proceeding, and asks “What are you all doing?” Hyung Woo and Eun Jae are stunned.

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