After an initial confusion, the MBC’s Wednesday and Thursday drama Can’t Lose (Can’t Live with Losing) will have an extension of 2 episodes from originally planned 16 episodes, making a total of 18.

The production company has initially announced that Can’t Live with Losing will have a 4-episode extension, but it was quickly refuted by lead actor Yoon Sang Hyun and lead actress Choi Ji Woo, who denied agreement has been reached and hoped the drama series to end at 16th episode at contracted, due to exhaustion and scheduling issue.

After negotiation, the drama is set for 2-episode extension, which is mutually agreed between producer and the casts.

As the result, Can’t Lose which originally ends at October 13th, 2011 will now ends on October 20th, 2011. The follow-up romantic comedy drama, “Me Too, Flower!”, starring Lee Jia and Kim Jae Won, premiere delays for a week to October 26th, 2011.

A representative of an actor said, “Filming is done under intense schedule, actors feel very tired and pressured. But the drama has to be completed in earnest, and so will shoot with best performance.”

Can’t Lose has the ratings lingering around 5% to 6%. Normally, it’s rare for drama for such a low rating to decide for episode extension. As such, there is saying that the extension of Can’t Live with Losing is to provide more time to the follow-up TV drama series for preparation. MBC had previously indicated that it’s worried about the progress of “Me Too, Flower!”

via TVReport