Synopsis Summary for Can’t Lose (Can’t Live with Losing) Episode 16

Hyung Woo and Seo Khun invite Eun Jae to date respectively, Eun Jae who can’t make a choice decides to switch off the handphone on the day to settle the dilemma. Hyung Woo and Seo Khun are competing on who’s knowing more about eun Jae, they fraternize with each other after drinking, making Eun Jae who saw to angry yet felt funny.

Hyung Woo understands the hurt suffered by Eun Jae inside the heart, and in order to console Eun Jae, Hyung Woo persuades and convinces a witness who can prove that Ji Ho is innocent, finally Hyung Woo and Eun Jae are getting good result in the car accident trial.

Eun Jae’s mother begs Eun Jae to visit her father in the hospital, but Eun Jae is unwilling, and has a fallout with her mother. In the end when Eun Jae rushes to the hospital, her father just passed away.

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