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Can’t Lose Episode 5 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Video)

Synopsis Summary for Can’t Live with Losing (Can’t Lose) Episode 5

Lawyer Hyung backs to office to happily declare that he won the case of the elderly. Instead, Hyung Woo received the divorce proceeding notice sent by Eun Jae. He who is in panic tries to call Eun Jae by using the other’s phone, but Eun Jae refuses to accept the call and he don’t even manage to ask where are you.

Eun Jae is in saloon to do her hair, and she says to herself that she is doing great thing. Eun Jae later returns happily to office from beauty salon. She ignores Hyung Woo while showing her new hair and fingernail style to colleagues. Enraged Hyung Woo asks her about the divorce, but she tells Hyung Woo that, as long as they agree to divorce, she will withdraw the suit, but Hyung Woo says he would never divorce.

Eun Jae is drinking beer alone on the riverside, while bartender accompanies her. Eun Jae is depressed, and telling the contradiction between her and Hyung Woo, while bartender consoles her.

Bartender sends Eun Jae home, watching her walks into the house. Back in the house, Hyung Woo slowly kneels down, begging Eun Jae to forgive him, and do not divorce. But Eun Jae refuses, and furiously hit Hyung Woo until he is hurt. Hyung Woo grievingly goes to a park, and records down his terrible feeling.

The next day, Hyung Woo’s mood is low. He answers passively to Eun Jae’s question. In the office, he pretends to be intimating with Eun Jae. Although their heart is burning with anger, but they still calls with smile.

Hyung Woo secretly comes to the family court to submit the statement of defense, but is found out by Gi Chan. They talks about their unhappiness.

The three person in the office are also discussing on how to solve the issue. At this time a granny walks in. The office goes to ask lawyer Lee from upstairs. At this time Hyung Woo also back from outside, and received the grandma. But Eun Jae also comes down from upstairs, and Hyung Woo introduces her as his wife. The grandma is inquiring about divorce. Eun Jae says that guy is like that, always like to have affair, but she won’t forgave those who having extramarital affair. Hyung Woo and Eun Jae continue their argument to the outside.

Eun Jae change the sofa which was damaged by fire. Hyung Woo sends her a MMS, and Eun Jae mumbles to herself after viewing it. But when Hyung Woo backs to home, Eun Jae is unwilling to forgive him. Hyung Woo sees that the house is messy again, and learns from Eun Jae to drink without glass, and leaves the bag anywhere.

Eun Jae brings her solicitor to meet with Hyung Woo at a coffee house. The solicitor asks Hyung Woo if there is always violence, Eun Jae says her hand got hurt, while Hyung Woo says he always been beaten, causing her to be very angry and nervous.Hyung Woo’s best friend who acts as his lawyer also arrives. Eventually, Eun Jae’s lawyer says she shouldn’t like this.

After receiving a call, both of them rushes back to the office. The teacher for both of them Jo Jeong-goo is waiting for them. In front of the teacher they still want to pretend. The teacher Jung-gu lets the three-person group in the office leaves, and takes the petition for divorce of the couple. They’re shocked.

Jeong-goo is furious, couldn’t stand anymore and lecturing them. Hyung Woo is not a good person in the mouth of Eun Jae, while Hyung Woo is making his utmost efforts to fight for his point of view. Jeong-gu attempts to convince them with reason and also to move them with anger. Hyung Woo and Eun Jae go to rooftop to fight again.

Hyung Woo comes to see Eun Jae’s mother. He doesn’t mention about their problem. Mother-in-law says she feels sorry to Eun Jae because the parents divorced. After leaving, Hyung Woo drinks and thinking about what mother-in-law said. He asks why they become like this, as they married because of love, and that he is really tired now.

The drunken Hyung Woo directly throws himself into sofa when reaching home. He says from his heart that he loves Eun Jae, but Eun Jae is unmoved, and leaves.

Eun Hye Shil goes to find Eun Jae, saying that the opponent’s lawyer has met her father who is been sick, and thinking of giving up the litigation for her father. Eun Jae says that the case is not as hard as she think, and encourages her not to give up. Hye Shil thanks Eun Jae. When leaving, Hye Shil bumps into Hyung Woo, and they chat. Hye Shil tells her she is about to give up, and this is the last time she will meet him.

Hyung Woo looks at Eun Jae when backed to home, wants to asks her about Hye Hsil’s case, causing misunderstand, so is chased out by Eun Jae. Hyung Woo goes to the office, meets with Ki Chan at downstairs. Eun Jae goes to find Young-joo, and keep talking bad about their husband.

On the rooftop they meet again, Hyung Woo still trying hard to win back Eun Jae although he is angry and furious. But he doesn’t want to make a concession to divorce.

Mother-in-law comes to the law agency office, Eun Jae rushes to receive her, trying her best to be good daughter in law. Mother-in-law brings Eun Jae to the shop. Hyung Woo who rushes to the scene only manage to see Eun Jae and his mother leaving in the car.

Mother-in-law brings Eun Jae to Jeong-nan’s store. Jeong-nan is surprise at the Eun Jae’s appearance. Geum-ji feels strange looking at both of them. Hyung Woo’s mother asks, “What are your relationship?” Hyung Woo arrives later, and finally four of them meets, causing the atmosphere to freeze!

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