Synopsis Summary for Can’t Live with Losing (Can’t Lose) Episode 6

Jeong Nan (Eun Jae’s mother) looking at Eun Jae who was walking into the store, felt very surprise. Hyung Woo who arrived later made Eun Jae even more surprised, so did Geum-ji (Hyung Woo’s mum). When Yoo Jeong-nan and Hong Geum-ji know that they’re of relative relationship, they’re shocked. When Eun Jae knew that Hyung Woo met with Jeong-nan secretly without informing her, she threw away Hyung Woo’s hand and walked away angrily. Hyung Woo rushed to catch up with Eun Jae to explain to her. But Eun Jae refused to accept his explanation.

Hyung Woo returns to the store. Jeong Nan said she understand the situation. However, Geum-ji is blaming her son to stand on the opposite side, not on her side. Hyung Woo leaves the store with his mother.

Jeong Nan takes up the mobile phone, feeling sad looking at the photo of the two when married. She called her daughter as she feels sorry to her. Eun Jae has a lot of discontent with her mother. Jeong Nan wants her not to blame Hyung Woo, but Eun Jae hang up the call without listening to her.

Recalling the scene of disagreement between Eun Jae and her mother. The mother refused to tell something, hope Eun Jae would understand, but Eun Jae cannot accepted it. They couldn’t communicate between them, though Eun Jae’s words hurt the heart of Jeong Nan, but Eun Jae simply couldn’t understand mother’s decision. In this way they severed ties. Sitting on the bus, Eun Jae lets wind blows her face, her emotional state is complex.

Hyung Woo and mother returned to home. Her mother is talking to him, but Hyung Woo is thinking about other things.

In the law agency office, Hyung Woo is still attempting to convince Eun Jae. But Eun Jae is pulling Hyung Woo to in front of colleagues, officially announced that they’re divorcing. Hyung Woo vehemently denies. Everybody is stunned, wondering what is the couple really doing. Eun Jae is determined to divorce no matter what Hyung Woo says. Hyung Woo tells everybody that everything will be solved, and there won’t be divorce. The chief office wants to take the side of Eun Jae, but was stopped by Gi Chan.

After work, Hyung Woo stopped Eun Jae in front of the office. They came to the office shop to talk about her mother. Hyung Woo hopes Eun Jae can understand her mother, but Eun Jae tells him that her mother’s action has deeply hurt her. No matter how hard Hyung Woo tries, Eun Jae has only one word – divorce.

Back to his mother’s home, Hyung Woo powerlessly lie down in the sofa. His mind shows the words of Eun Jae. He also takes up the photo of his brother and mother. Eun Jae who is alone at home is also sad, does not understand why nobody wants to stand at her side. Geum-ji returns home, felt strange when seeing Hyung Woo. Hyung Woo simply says something to interrupt her.

In the early morning, Eun Jae prepares to go to work after breakfast. Suddenly she saw the messy tea table, while Hyung Woo also saw a dirty washing area after having breakfast in mother’s house. He left after having a joke.

At Young-joo’s shop, Ki Chan is chatting with Hyung Woo’s friend. Jeong-goo comes, making everybody frenetic. Jeong-gu goes to law agency office. Hyung Woo and Eun Jae felt strange about the visit of Jeong-goo. Jeong-goo starts to talk about the divorce case of them. Colleagues in the office all gathered in front of the door to eavesdrop. Regarding the divorce, Eun Jae expresses the hope to quickly set and confirm the scheduled date for the case. Hyung Woo is furious and walks away.

Jeong-goo finds Hyung Woo, and tells him that he will help him so that both of them can communicate honestly. Hyung Woo feels that sincerity of Jung-koo who said want to conduct long duration of couple talk, and says thank you to him.

Eun Jae goes to find the elder for the case of grandma. Seeing the son of the elder, she hopes the elder can give up the case, but the elder insisted.

Hyung Woo is doing transcript when interviewing a respondent. The respondent slowly opened up his heart for Hyung Woo and gradually tells the story after Hyung Woo convinced him with reason and moved him with feeling. After leaving the respondent, Hyung Woo is busy with things but things do not progress smoothly. On the way back, Hyung Woo constantly think of the matter of Eun Jae.

Eun Jae changed the PIN access code of the door again. Eun Jae is drinking in the bar, talking to the bartender. Hyung Woo persistently calls, but Eun Jae does not pick up the call. In front of the house, Hyung Woo sees the bartender send Eun Jae home late into the night. Hyung Woo asks who is the guy, but the bartender does not seem to care about Hyung Woo.

Inside the house, they argues fiercely. The house is extremely dirty, and Hyung Woo feels very depressed. Hyung Woo backs to mother’s house again, but he no longer has energy to talk with curious mother.

Geum Ji visits Jeong Nan to asks about her son gloomy situation. They talks peacefully, but Jeong-nan is very sorry to Hyung Woo, saying all is because of her.

In the office, they argued again, and that makes everybody unhappy. Finally, all workers gather at a barbecue restaurant. No matter what Hyung Woo does, Eun Jae is always dissatisfied. Eventually, except the two, everybody slips away secretly.

Jeong-nan calls Hyung Woo in order to meet. Jeong-nan orders a lot of delicious food for her son-in-law. After meal, they go to KTV karaoke to sing. After coming out from karaoke room, Jeong Nan says she doesn’t want that the relationship between Hyung Woo and Eun Jae is destroyed because of her, she feels so sorry and says they won’t meet again in the future. She hopes that Hyung Woo can live on just like she never existed.

Eun Jae is defending the grandma in the court. The defendant said that they can accept the prosecution. At this time, the grandma stands up to speed on behalf of the defendant, after seeing them accepting quietly. She explains why she forces the divorce of her son-in-law from her daughter. The grandma is sad, and the defendant is even more moved. Facing such circumstances, Eun Jae is lost.

The final verdict of the case is a deep provocation to Eun Jae. She finally sits down, thinks of words said by Hyung Woo. Is she wrong? Hyung Woo and Eun Jae meets in front of the court. The litigation is entering the mediation phase. For their divorce case, Jung-koo is wily. On the surface he is a judge, but in reality he has used many trick.

Eun Jae is sad while saying her statement, but the statement has deeply hurt Hyung Woo. Hyung Woo who originally does not want to divorce, now decide to divorce.

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