Synopsis Summary for Can’t Lose (Can’t Live with Losing) Episode 8

Hyung Woo and Eun Jae continues to argue in the counseling. Geum Ji suddenly arrives. Upon knowing they’re in consultation, Geum Ji stops them. The sudden appearance of Geum Ji surprised Hyung Woo and Eun Jae tremendously. Geum Ji sends away the person who is doing the investigation, and personally asks them to stop the litigation. Geum Ji is partial to Eun Jae, and this makes Hyung Woo very angry, who argues that it’s Eun Jae who initiates the divorce. Now Hyung Woo is insisting and Eun Jae says sorry.

Eun Jae tells Hyung Woo that his mother shouldn’t like this, but Hyung Woo she will know sooner or later. Eun Jae goes to rooftop with the office, asking him to help in her case, but he refuses. So she turns to Young-joo for help and goes to her store. But Hyung Woo and Jung-koo are already there. Since Jung-koo is there, they can’t do anything but was informed by Jung-koo that their evident is not enough.

Geum Ji goes to find Jung-nan and reveals everything to her.

Hyung Woo and Eun Jae are thinking hard on finding who as witness to testify for them. They simultaneously think of a female colleague in the office. They visit her at the same time, and get reproached by her.

Gi Chan and Tae Young are asked to Geum Ji’s house. Geum-ji, Jeong-nan together with friends of Hyung Woo wants to try all the ways to persuade and mediate Eun Jae and Hyung Woo. Gi Chan and Young-joo finds Hyung Woo and Eun Jae, agree to be their witness, with the condition that they join a mediation class.

Ki Chan and Young-joo, plus Eun Jae and Hyung Woo are arranged to participate in counseling class for married couple who wants to divorce. All participants in the class are couple. The teacher requests them to hold hand, kiss each other, and other ways of close contact, though Eun Jae and Hyung Woo is trying to trick at the back. When the counselor wants them to say loudly “I love you” to each other, only the pair is quarreling instead.

At office, Hyung Woo tells Gi Chan about Eun Jae and Tae Young, but Gi Chan says it’s not believable. Eun Jae also goes to find Young-joo, tells her about her untrustworthy of Hyung Woo, and that he communicates secretly with a person for two years long.

Hyung Woo is chased out of the house. He packs his luggage and come to the office. Woo Shik is also in the office. Hyung Woo goes to his room, thinking about performance of Eun Jae during the training, and feels lost. Woo Shik brings Hyung Woo backs to his house, a messy house. Hyung Woo is having headache looking at the house, as Woo Shik is similar to Eun Jae. Looking at the house, Hyung Woo imagines his lonely situation after divorced. Meanwhile, Eun Jae is alone at home, looking at the empty room and feeling lonely.

The next class starts. One of the activity required husband and wife to burst the balloon by hugging and squeezing the balloon with body tightly, but they’re shy and caused the balloon to fall down. They’re the only couple who failed. And during the guessing game, the couple only manages to answer correctly one question posted by partner. They fail in all activities required cooperation of husband and wife.

Gi Chan and Tae Young meets with two mothers to report the progress at Geum Ji’s house. They’re disappointed as the training class does not have impact. Jeong-nan goes to find Eun Jae to discuss about divorce, but Eun Jae says she has nothing to say with her. Jeong-nan forcefully pulls her to chat from the heart. Eun Jae has a lot of resentment towards mother as she does not have father since young, while her mother hopes she can understand Hyung Woo, and feels sad that it’s she who caused her to think like that.

Eun Jae and Hyung Woo are having training on how to reply in court separately with Young-joo and Gi Chan. During training, they remembers freshly the hug during the class.

Jo Jeong-goo goes to Young-joo shop, and shouts at them angrily. On the day of trial, Gi Chan and Young Joo who received instruction of Jung-goo, calls Hyung Woo and Eun Jae, pretend and say that appear in the court due to emergency, and Hyung Woo and Eun Jae panic. Surprisingly, Hyung Woo mother is at the court too, and lectures her son on the court.

Eun Jae is listing the wrong of Hyung Woo, and Hyung Woo is showing the candid photos. Both of them diametrically opposes to each other, and Jung-goo has to shout to stop them arguing. Anyway, the judge feels that the evident for them to divorce is not enough.

Hyung Woo is back at Woo Shik’s house, and they’re eating grilled meat. Eun Jae is calling saying she is visiting Woo Shik soon after. They quickly clean up and Hyung Woo hiding into bathroom. Eun Jae is good to Woo Shik in order to ask him to be her witness, but he rejected.

Hyung Woo and Eun Jae is visiting the young girl together for work.

Eun Jae then goes to mother’s shop. She calls her mother, but her mother is sad because of the divorce, and says she is not at home. Geum Ji is consoling her.

Woo Shik picks up Hyung Woo’s recorder which records all feelings of Hyung Woo.

Tae Young sends Eun Jae home, and is saw by Hyung Woo. Hyung Woo gets angry and has a brawl with Tae Young. Eun Jae stops them, saying he is her brother. Hyung Woo feels bad at the misunderstanding. They have a drink together.

On the court, Hyung Woo asks to call a witness. Woo Shik who listened to Hyung Woo recording decides to stand as Hyung Woo’s witness. Eun Jae is stunned.

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