Can’t Lose Episode 9 Synopsis Summary (with Preview Trailer)

Synopsis Summary for Can’t Lose (Can’t Live with Losing) Episode 9

Eun Jae is stunned looking at Woo Shik who appears as the witness for Hyung Woo. Woo Shik decided to stand as witness for Hyung Woo after hearing his audio recording, and confirmed with him that what he said was true. Eun Jae tries to prevent Woo Shik as witness, but the judge allows him. During cross-examination Woo Shik calmly answer the questions from Eun Jae, and keeps reminding her she felt tired because both of them is actually loving each other, of which Eun Jae denies vehemently.

Eun Jae is angry and suspects that all staffs in the office is plotting against her, though all of them denied any knowledge of it. But Deuk-hee explains that Woo Shik is doing for their good. After the hearing is postponed, Hyung Woo rushes to Eun Jae, but is ridiculed that he is great as he managed to ask Woo Shik as his witness. Hyung Woo asks her if there is any possibility to change, but Eun Jae says no.

Eun Jae decides not to work anymore from now on and resigns, and plan to submit evidence related to operation of the agency at the next court session. She packs her staff into resignation box and wishes everybody good luck before leaving. Hyung Woo is asked to take over all the cases and appointments from Eun Jae.

Hyung Woo’s mother and Eun Jae’s mother are praising their own kid, even imagine what they will do after getting close again, but also worry about them. Eun Jae is chatting with Tae Young and tells him her feelings about love.

Hyung Woo and Ki Chan go to Young Joo restaurant, and Hyung Woo gets scolded. They later chit-chats their heart. Back to the office, Deuk-hee tenders her resignation as she has no confident on Hyung Woo ability to run the legal firm, saying her task is over. She then tells Eun Jae about her resignation.

Hyung Woo works hard in order to follow up on the cases, but it’s not easy, as the financial situation of the law firm is in worse shape. Eventually he has to try to borrow money from Geum Ji for operating expenses of the legal firm, but is rejected.

Woo Shik is asked by Hyung Woo to help him to beg Eun Jae. Woo Shik stands in front of her house day and night in order to let her know that he does not think badly of her. Eun Jae is not pleased with Woo Shik who always come to her house.

Finally, a client’s case is available, but Hyung Woo does not want to take up an accident case as he blame himself for causing his younger brother died in accident, as he flashes back on the scenes of how the brother passed away.

Woo Shik returns home to find that Hyung Woo is sick. He calls Eun Jae to inform her that her husband is sick. Eun Jae rushes to Woo Shik’s house. When asked why she comes, she says because he has sicked. She wants him to get up now and go to hospital.

In the waiting lounge, Hyung Woo who is so tired rest his head on Eun Jae’s shoulder. When it’s Hyung Woo’s turn, Eun Jae asks for more time for him to rest. After jabbing, Eun Jae takes care of Hyung Woo until he is waking up.

Woo Shik meets with Judge Jo, who is shocked at what Woo Shik is telling him about his witness stance. Hyung Woo’s mother finally decides to borrow money to Hyung Woo, telling him by SMS. Judge Jo go to office to give advice to the two male staffs in the office.

While Eun Jae’s mother is in Hyung Woo’s mother’s house, Hyung Woo’s mother received call from Eun Jae who asked to go for dinner, and then call from Hyung Woo who thanks her for the money.

Hyung Woo is drinking with Tae Young. While Eun Jae backs to home noticing that someone may have broke into her house. She calls Tae Young and asks him to come over. Upon knowing Eun Jae is crying, Hyung Woo rushes back to home on behalf of Tae Young. Reaching home, Hyung Woo is scolding Eun Jae for been careless. Eun Jae getting bitter and wants to call Tae Young, but Hyung Woo takes her phone away and hugs her, pats her back, apologizing.

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