In the MBC Section TV program aired on August 21, 2011, both Yoon Sang Hyun and Choi Ji Woo appeared in the show to promote the “Can’t Live with Losing (Can’t Lose)“, scheduled to start broadcasting on August 24, 2011. They’re both the lead actor and actress for the romantic comedy drama series.

One interesting question given to them is that, “both of you is unmarried, do you feel embarrassed playing for role of husband and wife couple?” Yoon Sang Hyun answered that: “After meeting for a few times, Choi Ji Woo is very taking care of others, and very easy-going too.” He generously praised her.

When asked about what is the ideal type as their other half, Choi Ji Woo answered: “Guy who can let me feel very releaxed.” Yoon Sang Hyun said: “I have fantasy about wedding, I like a spouse who like a friend, and can climb mountain together.” Expressing his type of ideal woman.

Then report asked Ji-Woo if Sang-Hyun is similar to her kind of dream man, but was quickly denied by Ji-Woo: “I don’t like climbing the kind of activities, don’t like active or dynamic activities.” The vehement deny drew laughter.