The actress Choi Jung Won is gaining attention as the one branch of female that is particularly thriving in Brain and Perfect Game.

Choi Jung Won who plays the role of excellent doctor Yoon Ji Hye who is thriving among male doctors is again becoming the only female reporter among the men world in Perfect Game movie that is starting to air in cinema from December 22nd, 2011.

In the movie Perfect Game, Choi Jung Won is playing the role of Kim Seo Hyung who is a baseball reporter who does not care about sports. The movie tells the story of news gathering attempt of passionate report Kim Seo Hyung who is assigned to baseball department despite she does not concern about sports at all.

There are a lot of interesting facts when comparing Kim Seo Hyung and Yoon Ji Hye of the drama. Choi Jung Won in the drama is a sensible doctor with infinite charm, while in the movie, she is displaying an image of rational reporter who asks any questions including player injury and other taboo questions in order to find news topics.

In the drama, Choi Jung Won always appears in ponytail hairstyle and wears white doctor cloth, completely a “nightingale” feeling. Especially the love with Shin Ha Kyun is the key to attract increased ratings.

On the contrary Choi Jung Won in the movie appears in natural long wavy hair and wears T-shirt and jacket, showing the style of passionate reporter.

On December 12th, 2011, Choi Jung Won said on the movie promotional event held at Konkuk University Lotte Cinema, “Although I am woman but I like baseball, before filming the movie I watched a lot of baseball games but still have to re-learn the history of Korean baseball and story between players.”