Choi Si Won and Lee Si Young Kiss as Token of Love

The KBS 2TV Monday and Tuesday drama Poseidon finally has a much-anticipated kiss scene, which happened during the heart tempting dating scene at the tower, according to revelation of TV station on October 24th, 2011. The dating scene of Choi Si Won and Lee Si Young was shot in an outdoor venue at a port in Incheon. The scene was filmed at early morning, though everybody felt tired and cold, but the lively performance by Choi Siwon and Lee Siyoung was just like a stimulant, causing the atmosphere on the set to be enjoyable, and pleasantly completed the filming.

Supposedly the actor and actress will feel somewhat uneasy when filming kiss scene, but Choi Si Won and Lee Si Young had been familiar with each other, and so they completed the filming happily. The outdoor filming location did not have a place to escape the cold, and so Choi Si-won and Lee Si-young had to endure the cold. When took a break from filming, both of them wore thick jackets and blankets, and even used a mini-heater to overcome the cold.

In particular, the scene which both of them gradually got closer and closer had repeatedly NG for many times, as it’s quite difficult for Choi Si Won and Lee Si Young to get close to each other at the appropriate speed. As to Lee Si Young who always got close faster, Choi Si Won quipped, “Looks like Si Young prefers me more,” provoking the laughter.

Producers said: “Choi Si Won and Lee Si Young who are like siblings in reality have managed to interpret the romantic feelings of the lover in the drama. The date of them on the tower further confirms their lover relationship status, at the same time also make the hearts of viewers excited.”


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