Choi Siwon and Lee Sung Jae Have “Drink Battle” in Poseidon

On August 29th, Super Junior’s member Choi Siwon, who acting in the role of Kim Sun Woo, and Lee Sung Jae, who is playing the character of Kwon Jung Ryul, filmed a scene of Poseidon in Taean Haean Marine National Park of Chungnam province, and the producer have released some still images from the scene to the public.

In the scene, the two lead actors who are both maritime policemen, sits on a roadside stall with the sea as the background, and have a friendly drinking battle. Even though they’re both maritime policemen, they have some misunderstanding due to a scandal that happened four years ago, which also ruined their relationship.

In the roadside stall, both of them is silent, but they unfold the scene where they sit face-to-face and drink to oppose each other with equal harshness. Two of them have a very serious and emotional meeting, which piqued the interest of potential viewers on what really happened four years ago. This meeting becomes the reason why they start putting their differences aside and work together in Coast Guard Investigation division 9 (CGI9).

Although Choi Si Won and Lee Sung Jae has a senior-junior relationship, but the forthright and open personalities allowed them to get along like friend. And the atmosphere at the shooting venue is joyful too. In particular the drinking battle scene is the last set of the day, so Choi Si Won and Lee Sung Jae actually drunk real soju (Korean distilled beverage with a taste similar to vodka) in order to put on a realistic performance for the scene, and partly to eliminate the fatigue of actors after a long filming day.

The production staff said, “They get along with each other just like brother, they are the driving force in the filming venue. The drinking scene was not overdone, and it’s perfected portrayed. Please support ‘Poseidon’.”

Poseidon starts airing from September 19th, 2011 on KBS2TV.





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