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Choi Siwon To Focus on Poseidon with Acting Skill Praised

The Korean pop group Super Junior member Choi Siwon’s desire to acting has been ignited.

Recently, Choi Si Won has played the character of Kim Sun Woo, who is maritime police special task force turned team member of Coast Coast Investigation 9 in Poseidon, and is bringing the joy of deliberate feelings play and skilled action scene to audience. Choi Si Won is a member of pop group Super Junior, and has also achieved outstanding performance in the drama. He is a versatile artist.

For starring in Poseidon, Choi Siwon said: “Now I completely stop all other activities to immerse in the role of Kim Sun Woo,” expressed a strong desire for acting. “Super Junior’s activities have some overlap with schedule of Poseidon, so was in anguish whether to play the role. But once I heard that Poseidon is the work of director of Poseidon is Yoo Chul Yong and screenplay writer Jo Gyu Won, I have certain desire to join the casts.”

Choi Si Won

Super Junior is now promoting the follow-up song “A-CHA”, but he is in drama depending on acting to conquer the viewers, each has their own splendidness. Choi Si Won said: “It’s like Super Junior big family unity, in Poseidon, in order to seize Choi Hee Gun, people of Coast Guard Investigation 9 is also united and constantly work hard. The aspect of Sun Woo paying attention to other team members is very similar to me in Super Junior.”

Choi Siwon also praised Lee Sung-jae and Lee Si-young whom he cooperated with, “Sung Jae brother is a senior who is dependable. He gave me a lot of suggestions, and also told a lot of jokes, very helpful to my acting. Si Young sister’s straightforward character let the shooting atmosphere very relaxed. But sometimes I will become the sandbox for sister to play, then is more sad.”

Producers said: “Choi Si Won who played the important character of Kim Sun Woo in Poseidon, has interpreted the role perfectly, it’s a big encouragement to production team. Choi Si Won still have a lot of charms yet to be shown, so please stay tune to the drama.”

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