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Dangerous Woman

Drama Title: Dangerous Woman
Korean Title: 위험한 여자
Also Known As: Wiheomhan Yeoja
Chinese Title: 危險的女人
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 124
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: MBC
Broadcast period: 10th October 2011 – 30th March 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Monday to Friday 7:50 AM

Preceded By: You’re So Pretty
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Plot Summary / Synopsis

A drama about a daughter of an entrepreneur fighting against a plot to take over her father’s business.


Ko Eun-mi (고은미) as Kang Yoo-ra (강유라)
Hwang Bo-ra (황보라) as Kang So-ra (강소라)
Kim Jung-hyun (김정현) as Kim Ji-won (김지원)
Yeo Hyun-soo (여현수) as Kang Dong-min (강동민)
Kim Bo-yun (김보연) as Yoon Do-hee (윤도희)
Jo Yeon-woo (조연우) as Kang Dong-joon (강동준)
Sun-woo Eun-sook (선우은숙) as Na Yun-sook (나연숙)
Im Chae-moo (임채무) as Kang Joo-hyuk (강주혁)
Kim Young-bae (김영배) as Director Choi (최이사)
Lee Na-eun (이나은) as Lee Seo-joo (이서주)
Seong Woong (성웅) as Lee Seo-hoon (이서훈)
Nam Yoon-jeong (남윤정) as Nam Ji-sook (남지숙)
Kim Eun-yeong (김은영) as Lady Sin (신여사)

Production Credits

Director: Lee Min-soo (이민수)
Screenplay Writer: Lee Hong-goo (이홍구)

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