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Deep Rooted Tree Chronology Timeline and Age of Historial Figures

The SBS hit drama Deep Rooted Tree is a thrilling drama with historical background, and as such understanding the chronological time line of the events that actually happening in history can help viewers to understand the drama better. Of course, the drama contains some fictional characters and events, and some historical facts may be twisted for better cinematic effects.

Chronology of Deep Rooted Tree

1392: The founding of Joseon Dynasty.
1397: The third son of King Taejong Lee Bang Won, Lee Do (Grand Prince Chungnyeong -> Prince > King Sejong) was born.
1398: First Strife of Princes incident, Jeong Do-jeon was kill.
1400: Second Strike of Princes incident, King Taejong ascended the throne Taizong (Lee Do was 4 years old).
1407: Min Mu Gu and Min Mu Jil brothers (sons of Min Je, uncle of Lee Do) were impeached to exile.
1408: Grand Prince Chungnyeong (Lee Do at 12 years old) was married with daughter of Shim On, Shim Si (Queen Soheon of the Cheongsong Shim clan).

1409: 12-year-old Jeong Gi Jun submitted the answer of “flower is just a flower, cannot be the root” in the examination for entering imperial court.

1410: Min Mu Gu and Min Mu Jil passed away during exile.
1412: Princess Jeongso, the first daughter of Grand Prince Chungnyeong (Lee Do at 16 years old) with Shim Si was born.
1416: Min Mu Hyul and Min Mu Hoe (sons of Min Je, uncle of Lee Do) passed away in exile.
1418 – June: Dethroned the position of prince of Lee Je and crowned him as Grand Prince Yangnyeong, then crowned Grand Prince Chungnyeong as the prince.
1418 – August: King Taejong Lee Bang Won abdicated himself, the prince Lee Do became the forth king of Joseon Dynasty.
1418 – August: The chief officer and assistant chief officer of military ministry Park Shu and Kang Sang Ren were wanted (exiled in September).
1418 – September: The third son of King Sejong, Grand Prince Anpyeong Lee Yong was borned (at this time King Sejong had 3 sons and 2 daughters).
1418 – November: Argument on the nature of guilt for Kang Sang Ren and Park Shu.

King Sejong During the Youth

November 26, 1418: Park Sang Ren was sentenced.
December 25, 1418: Shim On was sentenced to death.
December 26, 1418: Jo Mal Saeng chased after Jeong Do Kwon and Jeong Ki Joon, Jeong Do Kwon was killed.
1418 – Early January: Jeong Ki Joon hermit in the city
1422: King Taejong passed away, Ttol Bok became a solder in the north.

1424: Death of Princess Jeongso.
1430: Investigate the possibility of tax reform.
1441: The only son of King Munjong (eldest son of King Sejong), Lee Hong Wi, was born.

During the Middle of King Sejong Reign

1443 – Chae Yoon became a military officer in charge of safety of king. The “Hunmin Jeongeum” was completed.

1444: Grand Prince Gwangpyeong passed away
1445: Yongbieocheonga (Songs of the Dragons Flying to Heaven) was written.
1446: Queen Soheon passed away, Hunminjeongeum was published.
1447: Dongguk Jeong-un (Dictionary of Proper Sino-Korean Pronunciation) was compiled.
1449: Seokbo Sangjeol (Episodes from the Life of Buddha) was compiled by Grand Prince Suyang (2nd son of King Sejong).
1450: Death of King Sejong.

Age of Historical Figures in the Drama Setting

King Sejong (1397-1450) – 47 years old
Jo Mal Saeng (1370-1447) – 74 years old
Queen Soheon (1395-1446) – 49 years old
Grand Prince Gwangpyeong (1425-1444) – 19 years old
Jung In Ji (1396-1478) – 48 years old
Choi Man Ri (1398-1445) – 46 years old
Sung Sam Moon (1418-1456) – 26 years old
Park Paeng Nyun (1417-1456) – 27 years old
Lee Soon Ji (1406-1465) – 38 years old
Hwang Hui (1363-1452) – 81 years old
Kim Jong Seo (1383-1453) – 61 years old

Estimated Age of Fictional Characters in the Drama Setting

Kang Chae Yoon: (Kid) 11 to 13 years old (Adult) 36 to 38 years old
So Yi: (Kid) 8 to 11 years old (Adult) 33 to 36 years old
Geun-Ji: Similar with So Yi
Mok-yi: Similar with So Yi
Deok-geum: Similar with So Yi
Mu Hyul: 51 to 57 years old
Jeong Gi Joon: (Kid) 12 years old (Adult) 46 years old
Yoon-pyeong: Similar with Kang Chae Yoon





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