Deep Rooted Tree Episode 1 Preview Synopsis & Trailer

Synopsis Summary for Deep Rooted Tree Episode 1:

Chae Yoon is observing the terrain outside the great hall, deciding to plot and create a perfect to assassinate Sejong the Great. At just then he actually meets head on with Le Do. While he is considering whether to immediately kill Sejong, he flashbacks to what’s happening during childhood time.

Ttol-bok is fighting with people who bullied his father, and is scolded by his master. Ttol-bok is going out to play with Dam Yi, when upon returning they discover that the whole family of Sim Si (father in law of Le Do) is surrounding by soldiers. On the royal meeting, the ministers are forcing Le Do to decree the death of Sim Si’s family, Le Do, although already ascended the throne but the real power still controlled by King Taejong, has no choice but to agree. Upon seeing his confidants are all been called away by King Taejong, he decides to use small court lady to save Sim Si. Seok Sam finally manages to find Sim Si after traveling day and night, but falls into the trap of Jo Mal Saeng. Ttol Bok and Dam Yi are caught into the jail too in the end, and Ttol Book sees the Seok Sam who is dying.

Preview Video Trailers for Deep Rooted Tree (aka Tree with Deep Roots) Episode 1:

Cut from Deep Rooted Tree video clip highlighting the beautiful action scenes.

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