Synopsis Summary for Deep Rooted Tree (aka Tree with Deep Roots) Episode 10:

Ga Ri On is arrested for been the suspect of killing officer Nan, and is brought to Uigeumbu office (security investigation office) to be questioned by Jo Mal Saeng. Garion tearfully says that it’s not done by him and he is not a criminal. Jo Mal Saeng shows the attitude that he is already anticipated such an argument, and asks who is behind that doing the instigating.

In order to protect the plan he has arranged carefully for years, Le Do decides not to let So Yi to plea for Ga Ri On.

Chae Yoon wants So Yi to say out the thing between her and Ga Ri-on, but So Yi says that it’s related to national affairs so she can’t tell Chae Yoon. Looking at So Yi who kneels down in front of him, Chae Yoon remembers the incidents happened during young age, where her father and a lot of people died because of him. Chae Yoon finds out the grievance of Ga Ri On. He decides to help to clear himself and find the real killer.

Chae Yoon gets the hint from Le Do and goes to the house of office Nan again to investigate, and finds something strange. Chae Yoon sets up trap so that officer Nan walks straight into the trap, and Garion is finally acquitted.

And at the same time, the true identity of Ga Ri On been Jun Ki Joong is revealed.

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