Deep Rooted Tree Episode 11 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Deep Rooted Tree (aka Tree with Deep Roots) Episode 11:

To reward and thank Garion, Le Do calls asks Ga Ri On to Jeong-ryun-am temple. Facing with Le Do who appears suddenly, Ga Ri On has no choice but to acts calm. Garion mistakenly thought that Le Do has knew about him been the descendant of Sambong, and is suspicious of words by Le Do.

Ga Ri On is confused about the real intention of Le Do who held a memorial ceremony for Jung Do Jun.

Lee Shin-jeok and Sim Jong-Soo are shocked after knowing the fact that Ga Ri On is Jeong Gi-joon, but also feels unexplained excitement.

On the other hand, a mysterious man is lingering in front of the palace, he tells Gyemsabok Chief Jung that he came to see Chae Yoon. But he is kidnapped by Yoon-pyeong. Chae Yoon follows the mark left by him and manages to find him, but unable to save his life.

Le Do lets Garion performs the autopsy on the corpse, and orders people to draw the anatomy illustration of the corpse, this let Garion very puzzled.

On the other hand, Ga Ri On assembles the members of secret society, but the group wants him to take out book of secret society.

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