Synopsis Summary for Deep Rooted Tree (aka Tree with Deep Roots) Episode 13:

The long lost Chae Yoon and So Yi finally recognize each other, Chae Yoon is feeling very guilty towards So Yi. Suddenly Yoon Pyung and gangs appear, using So Yi to threaten Chae Yoon to hand over the book of Hidden Roots, but after getting the book of Hidden Roots, Yoon Pyeong wants to kill Chae Yoon to do away the witness. The eyes of Chae Yoon is injured by lime, to save Chae Yoon, So Yi suddenly shouts a voice.

After knowing So Yi has recovered, Lee Do decides to let Chae Yoon brings So Yi to run away.

Ga Ri On takes out the book of Hidden Roots in front of the members of Hidden Roots, and all the ministers immediately keep quiet out of fear.

Chae Yoon and So Yi finally leaves the palace, but they develop significant differences on their concept.

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