Synopsis Summary for Deep Rooted Tree (aka Tree with Deep Roots) Episode 18:

Ga Ri On deliberately arranges for Chae Yoon and Lee Bang Ji to meet up, and he wants to probe the master and apprentice two persons. Ga Ri On suggests to Lee Bang Ji to team up and asks him to assassinate Lee Do, but Lee Bang Ji is hesitated. Chae Yoon asks Lee Bang Ji who used to be the personal guard of Jeong Do-jeon if he is a member of Hidden Roots. Lee Bang Ji is shocked when he knows that Chae Yoon is eying covetously to find opportunity to deal with Jung Ki Joon.

On the other hand, Jo Mal Saeng and Moo-hyool are shocked after knowing that Lee Bang Ji returns again. After many years, Moo-hyool and Lee Bang Ji meet again, Moo-hyool is persuading Lee Bang Ji to join his camp.

Ga Ri On and gangs been informed abruptly that the missing Grand Prince Gwangpyeong is still alive, and fell into state of confusion.

At the same time, Lee Bang Ji brings the words of Moo Hyool to Ga Ri On, and Garion is preparing to take action.

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