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Ttol Bok who saw the death of Seok Sam is deeply grieving, and the death of Seok Sam has also infuriated the servants of Sim’s house that are detained, they start to escape from prison. Ttol Book puts the posthumous paper given by his father into his pocket, and fled with Dam. With the help of Dam Yi’s father who is later killed, Dam Yi manages to climb over the wall to be rescued by princess consort. In front of Royal Investigation Bureau, Le Do sees the horrifying scene of jail breaking, is shocked, and he instruct Moo Hyool to save Ttol Bok.

Le Do and King Taejong almost fighting with sword for Ttol Bok, but in the end Le Do manages force a concession from King Taejong. Moo Hyul hopes Le Do can kill Ttol Bok to eliminate future threat, but Le Do does not agree and his words confused Moo Hyool. When Ttol Bok wakes up, he finds that he is in the Pan village. He cries when looking at the posthumous paper given by his father. Le Do decides to solve these turbulent thing, at this time King Taejong sends him an empty dish box, hinting him to commit suicide. The match of strength between King Taejong and Le Do starts.

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