Synopsis Summary for Deep Rooted Tree Episode 3:

Le Do starts to walk towards the archers, the arrows shot by the arches is directed at Le Do, but luckily none of them hit him, and he continues to walk until the steps in front of King Taejong. Suddenly, Le Do kneels in front of Taejong begging for his life. Le Do asks for Taejong’s forgiveness, apologizes for his reckless behavior, and promises to act according to the Taejong’s instructions. But Taejong discerns from the altitude of Le Do that he is insincere. King Taejong asks Le Do, if follow his wishes, what will he do?

Le Do replies that he will gather together that young scholars to build Hall of Worthies, to learn Confucius classics and assist King Taejong to govern the country. King Taejong totally repudiates the suggestion names and mentions Jeong Gi Jun. Upon hearing the name, Le Do recalls the past memory. The young Le Do heard Jung Gi Jun criticized his father but couldn’t retorted, seeing Jung Gi Jun who was hit by soldiers and couldn’t do anything.

King Taejong sends army to silently go to Pan village to arrest Jung Do-jun, Le Do is shocked when knowing it. When escaping, Ttol Bok accidentally runs into Munseonggong Shrine ancestral temple, messing the plan of King Taejong to arrest Jung Do Jeon.

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