Synopsis Summary for Deep Rooted Tree Episode 4:

Ttol Bok and Jung Do Jun accidentally take the wrong sachet. Before passed away, Jeong Do Jeon instructs his servant from deathbed that must take back the secret book from Ttol Bok.

King Taejong passed away, and Joseon Dynasty becomes the world of Le Do. The ministers want to abolish historical lecture, but Le Do takes the opportunity to lecture the ministers.

At the King’s security apparatus Gyeomsabok office, Chae Yoon is whipped, Moo Hyool is disgusting with the slick and sly response of Chae Yoon. Si scholar of Hall of Worthies was murdered, and Lee Do is surprised. After Chae Yoon knows the case, he arrives at the scene to investigate, nearly been killed by Moo Hyool. Moo Hyool prepares to torture and interrogate Chae Yoon, but the analysis of Chae Yoon on the case saved his life.

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