Synopsis Summary for Deep Rooted Tree Episode 5:

Le Do orders Chae Yoon to investigate the case, but everybody thinks that it’s not suitable to appoint Chae Yoon to investigate the case about the death of the scholar, and request King Sejong to retract his order, but King Sejong says he will prepare the necessary things for him.

At the same time, Moo Hyool finds out about the scar on the Chae Yoon’s forearm, seeing the scar which caused by knife, his heart is in chaos and stunned. He starts to have doubt about the real identity of Chae Yoon.

On the other hand, Chao Yoon starts to investigate. He goes to Pan village to find Ga Ri On, the best baekjeong in Joseon Ga Ri On in Pan village’s slaughterhouse, who is an coroner expert on autopsy, but he meets with enemy.

Ga Ri On starts the autopsy on the case, and eventually finds out something special in the corpse. Chae Yoon associates in mind with an assassination method taught by his master Lee Bang Ji. Le Do personally give audience to Ga Ri On and let Ga Ri On reports to him directly about the progress of the case.

Chae Yoon reconnaissances the crime scene again, and discovers Yoon-pyeong who sneaked into Hall of Worthies, but at critical moment, a mystery person appeared to save him.

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