Synopsis Summary for Deep Rooted Tree Episode 6:

Chae Yoon grips tightly the collar of So Yi, asking him where is the murderer. So Yi gets frightened and faints. Government official Jung and Park Po are shocked at the scene where Chae Yoon is gripped tightly the collar of So Yi, hurriedly rush to stop him. Other court ladies arrive to help So Yi. Moo Hyool notices that Chae Yoon is still full of murderous look in the eyes at this time, and looks at him stunned. He finally realizes the actual identify of Chae Yoon.

On the other hand, Li Do is distressed for the death of another scholar of Hall of Worthies who was been murdered, and orders full investigation into the case. Chae Yoon explains to Le Do that the context of him following the trace left by the assassin that leaded him to the book printing factory, where he met So Yi and questioned her. Le Do sighs at the wisdom of Chae Yoon. Le Do laughs happily as he discovered a talent.

Moo Hyool looks at Le Do current situation, finally reveals that Chae Yoon is actually the small slave that ran away years ago – Ttol Bok. But Le Do wants him to not taking any action and to keep the secret from So Yi.

Ga Ri On performs autopsy on the body of Yoon-pyeong, and finds out strange typecasting in his mouth, Chae Yoon spreads the rumor about the death of Yoon-pyeong. Chae Yoon lurks in front of Hall of Worthies, and his staff comes to inform him that the corpse of Yoon-pyeong has disappeared. At the same time, Le Do solves the puzzle left by Yoon-pyeong.

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