Synopsis Summary for Deep Rooted Tree Episode 7:

Le Do discovers that the last words of Yoon Bi is “secret society,” Le Do is shocked. After smuggling out the corpse, while Sung Sam-moon and Park Paeng-nyun are discussing suspicious points, Yoon-pyeong has managed to find out the location of corpse, and informs Do Dam Daeg about it. When Chae Yoon is reasoning on the person who stole the corpse, he deduces that the case is similar to the theft by Yoon-bi, and decides that it must be done by person related to the king to hide some or to investigate something.

On the other hand, Le Do and Jo Mal Saeng go to the house of Jeong Do-kwon, and are stunned when seeing the article carved on the wall of secret cave chamber, which is the real secret book. Jo Mal Saeng gives Le Do the records of prior investigation.

Chae Yoon discovers the killer of Yoon Bi by accident, and both of them has a fight. Sung Sam Moon hopes to ask and find out the real fact from government official Jung, but Jung lets him wait.

The killer Yoon Pyeong suddenly appear to block the way of officer Jung.

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