Deep Rooted Tree Episode 8 Synopsis Summary & Preview Trailer

Synopsis Summary for Deep Rooted Tree Episode 8:

Chae Yoon is fighting with killer Yoon Pyeong. After watching the skill of Chae Yoon, Yoon Pyeong asks to know his identity. The army behind So Yi sees the fight between Chae Yoon and Yoon Pyeong, but Yoon Pyeong takes the opportunity to run away. Cho Tak who is fainted is used as the hostage to threaten Chae Yoon. Yoon Pyeong who successfully escapes in the end also takes away the dead body of government official Jung.

The group of Moo Hyool is panicked after discovered that the corpse has disappeared. The next day, the corpse of officer Jung covered with whith cloth is found on the small boat on the lake in front of Gyeonghoeru Pavilion at Gyeongbok Palace, everybody is shocked. Later, they discovers the white cloth below the corpse, and read the words on the white cloth.

Le Do is worried due to emerging of secret book, and at the same time followers of eong Gi Jun who are lurking in the imperial court are readying to do something.

Chae Yoon discovers that So Yi is searching for the book of government officer Jung alone, and thus he decides to follow the clue line of So Yi to solve the case.

Le Do is uneasy about the gathering of ministers, and starts to waver on his believe.

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