Synopsis Summary for Deep Rooted Tree (aka Tree with Deep Roots) Episode 9:

Le Do orders Moo Hyool to pass the information of Jo Mal Saeng about secret society to Chae Yoon, handling full responsibility of task to investigate the secret society to Chae Yoon. Le Do determines to walk his own way.

On the other hand, the fire at printing factory destroys the clue that can lead to further investigation. But Sung Sam-moon and Park Paeng-nyun still manage to deduce the meaning of the words. Le Do discovers two of them, and brings both of them who have just a little knowledge of what’s happening to the study room that is in used to secretly create Hanjul. They’re shocked when knowing that Le Do wants to create characters.

Sim Jong-Soo starts to persuade scholars to join the secret society, but at this time he meets with a mysterious woman, Kyeon Juck-Hee.

Chae Yoon is lurking in Pan village at night, but is found out by Jo Mal Saeng. Jo Mal Saeng starts to doubt Chae Yoon. Ministers are uneasy because of officer Nang been threatened. Chae Yoon speculates that the series of incidents should be related to Do Dam Dek.

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