In SBS’s Deep Rooted Tree (Tree with Deep Roots), the sacrifice of So Yi, Chae Yoon and Moo Hyool allowed the publication of Hangul, and the drama ended after moved the heart of viewers greatly.

The drama is an in-depth historical drama that tells from multiple angles about the king, scholars and commoners who created Hangul during Joseon dynasty.

Ttol Bok (Jang Hyuk) wholeheartedly has revenge as his target because of losing his father, but ends up becoming the people of the kind, sacrificing his life for Hangul; the process done by head of Milbon Jung Ki Joon to stop the publication of Hangul; in order to create Hangul, Lee Do did not give up even after losing people important to him. The drama depicts personality of King Sejong Lee Do and other characters and the values of society at that time through these solid plots.

The content may seemed to be a bit heavy, but the reversal from time to time did not let people felt the sense of urgency, the plot is gripping viewers’ hearts. The reversal of Ga Ri On is Jung Ki Joon, the reversal of solution case for Hangul is not a book but is So Yi, the reversal of Lee Do pretends to be a tyrant to cheat Jung Ki Joon, the reversal of Hangul has been popularized among the commoners on the day of publication, the series of reversal made the story more interesting.

Especially the political game and love line that run through the whole drama was not buried. The theme of creation and promulgation of Hangul is very clear throughout the drama. The content which closely in line with the theme is the biggest strength of the drama. The drama cannot be fathomed with just one glance. From the principle of Hangul creation and the superiority of Hangul, the noble will, sweat and wisdom of people creating the Hangul, social contradiction at that time, and so on, the drama reproduced the scenes of that time vividly through the colorful life of drama’s characters.

Reversal of one after another and tight plot, clear theme awareness, and the passionate acting of actors, bringing the perfectness of the drama to an even higher degree. Especially the loss of the characters had at times made viewers fanatic, at times made viewers shedding tears, at a loss. The acting of Han Suk Kyu in every episode had perfectly shown the humanly wisdom of Lee Do, winning critical acclaims. The excellent acting of Jang Hyuk, Shin Se Kyung, Jo Jin Woong, Yoon Je Moon, Song Joong Ki and others made the whole drama even more interesting and colorful, attracting the attention of viewers.

In short, the Deep Rooted Tree that closed its curtain in the praises of viewers is becoming a famous historical drama series in the depressed drama series market with the rare provocative materials, and high level of completion.

via TVReport