The SBS TV series Deep Rooted Tree has became a topic of conversation for its production team, especially that fact that it’s the first drama that made use of a special equipment that only has 2 sets in Korea.

It is reported that the Deep Rooted Tree has been using MCC (Motion Control Camera) technology in almost every aspects including music, television and advertising for shooting. It’s the most sophisticated equipment currently available for film industry.

The equipment had been attracting people’s attention when used in the first shooting in early August 2011. The filming on the day mainly focused on grand scene of celebration ceremony where actors Han Suk Kyu and Jang Hyuk made appearance. The technology of MCC is very useful to shoot difficult martial arts scenes, its main advantage is to make the movement more smooth in the screen performance.

In order to capture the big scene, more than 200 actors and staffs were deployed, and shooting took up full continuous four days.

Motion Control Camera is capable of precisely control camera movements and allows camera movement to be done repetitively. With it, the same actor can be featured multiple instances in a shot, as MCC can film several elements using the same camera motion, and then composite the elements into a single image.

photography is a technique used in still and motion photography that enables precise control of, and optionally also allows repetition of, camera movements. It can be used to facilitate special effects photography

The producer is full of confident, “On the first scene already using such a cutting-edge equipment, viewers shall be attracted by the high quality pictures brought by advanced technology, and this also explains it’s a high quality drama. Worth the wait!”