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Devotion Synopsis (All Episodes)

Episode-by-episode synopsis for Devotion:

Devotion – Episode 1

Devotion – Episode 2

Zhong Zheng has always trusted Rui Ji and Yu Xi and leaves the running of the factory to the both of them but little does he know that they have been siphoning factory funds and even has an affair behind his back. When he discovers the truth, he asks them to resign on the account of their long-standing relationship.

Devotion – Episode 3

Devotion – Episode 4

Devotion – Episode 5

Devotion – Episode 6

Devotion – Episode 7

Devotion – Episode 8

Devotion – Episode 9

Devotion – Episode 10

Devotion – Episode 11

Devotion – Episode 12

Devotion – Episode 13

Devotion – Episode 14

Shan Shan temporarily puts up at Chun Sheng’s home after being beaten up by her enemies. Shuang Jie denies it when Chun Seng points out that he likes Shan Shan. Shan Shan dreams of Shuang Jie being beaten up and asks for him in tears. Shuang Jie rushes over and Si Wen chances upon them hugging.

Devotion – Episode 15

Shuang Jie tries to deny his feelings for Shan Shan and even brings Si Wen to see her, causing Shan Shan to be dejected. Despite this, Shuang Jie is still concerned about Shan Shan’s feelings and can’t help but to be concerned for her. Si Wen confides in Yi Min about her fears of Shuang Jie leaving.

Devotion – Episode 16

Devotion – Episode 17

Yuan Fang decides to come in between Ah Di and Da Ke. She feigns drunkenness and confesses to Dake of her feelings for him. Just when Ah Di is intending to announce her relationship with Da Ke infront of the children, Yuan Fang attempts suicide. She is shocked when she discovers Da Ke is the one Yuan Fang loves.

Devotion – Episode 18

Ah Di is worried when Yuan Fang goes missing after her failed suicide attempt. Yuan Fang lets Wu Feng see her deranged state so that she can bring Ah Di to look for her. Ah Di reprimands Yuan Fang and she pretends to awake from her stupor and follows Ah Di home. Yuan Fang is secretly overjoyed when Ah Di tells Da Ke she wants to break up with him.

Devotion – Episode 19

Da Ke bumps into Yuan Fang at a resort in Indonesia while on a business trip. Li Zhen informs Ah Di to look for Da Ke at the resort and she is heartbroken when she discovers Da Ke and Yuan Fang in bed. Da Ke tries to clear the air but Ah Di insists he takes responsibility for Yuan Fang.

Devotion – Episode 20

Jinzhi spots the pregnancy test kit Yuanfang left behind and hurriedly informs Ah Di of Yuanfang’s pregnancy. Yuanfang does not deny it when Ah Di assumes she is pregnant. Ah Di informs Dake of Yuanfang’s pregnancy and Jinzhi wants him to marry Yuanfang within a month.

Devotion – Episode 21

Everyone is stunned when Zhian exposes Yuanfang’s deed of drugging Dake and her fake pregnancy. Yuanfang intends to leave home but Ah Di wants her to stay to face her mistakes. Yuanfang pretends to be touched by Ah Di and agrees to stay but she swears not to let Ah Di off.

Devotion – Episode 22

Siwen is shocked and scared when Yimin expresses his feelings for her. Ah Nan bars him from returning to the factory to work. Siwen returns to work on tenterhooks, not knowing Yimin will secretly sneak into the factory to retrieve the ornament meant for her. When he discovers Siwen in the factory, he tries to drag her away and accidentally strangles her to death.

Devotion – Episode 23

Ah Di’s mind goes blank when her gut feeling tells her it is Shuangjie who killed Yimin. While recording his statement, Shuangjie says he saw Yimin strangling Siwen but denies killing him. Ah Di takes the rap for Shuangjie, saying she killed Yimin to protect Shuangjie from getting hurt.

Devotion – Episode 24

Wufeng overhears Yuanfang and Yuxi’s conversation and discovers Yuanfang to be the real murderer. When she threatens to call the police, Yuxi knocks her out. Wufeng suffers a severe concussion and falls into a coma. Zhian realises something is amiss when Dake reveals to him about discovering blood on Yuanfang’s clothes and her she harassing him on the day of Siwen’s murder.

Devotion – Episode 25

Yuanfang is preparing to leave and is stunned when she sees Wufeng. Shuangjie and Shanshan tell Yuanfang that Wufeng is dead, leaving her running away in fear only to see Wufeng’s shadow again in a dark alley. Yuanfang admits to killing Yimin and causing harm to Wufeng.





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