Synopsis Summary for Episode 1 of Dr. JIN

Episode Title: Here is where? And who are you!

Mi Na, the lover of Jin Hyuk, best neurosurgeon in South Korea, is fighting for her life due to an accident.

In a night Jin Hyuk is suffering because of his lover, he meets an unidentified patient on the rooftop of the hospital. The patient mutters “must go back quickly” repeatedly, and he crosses over the railing to jump down. The eyes of Jin Hyuk who only wants to save life suddenly light up a bright light, and he lost consciousness.

Jin Hyuk regains his consciousness but is totally unable to understand what happened to himself, and he witnessed the bloody fighting between a group of unknown people and the soldiers. He who helplessly watched as it happened, is charged with the crime of ‘killing military officer.’

Dr. JIN Episode 1 Video Preview