Synopsis Summary for Episode 2 of Dr. JIN

Episode Title: Please, please help me brother!

Jin Hyuk who is wanted for arrest wanders on the street, and witnessed Hong Young Hwi been assaulted.

He then comes to the house of Hong Young Hwi, and saw the woman Hong Young Rae who looks exactly the same with Mi Na and keeps pleading for ‘save me brother’. As the result, Jin Hyuk conducts a miraculour treatment which is impossible to be done during the era.

On the one hand, Jwauijeong (Second State Councillor State Council) Kim Byung Hee suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness. The misbegotten son of Kim Byung Hee, Kim Kyung Tak disregard others’ opposition, and finds Jin Hyuk who is fallen into crisis.

Dr. JIN Episode 2 Video Preview