The new KBS 2TV Monday and Tuesday drama Love Rain uncover its mystery veil on the night of March 26th, 2012. Love Rain tells the love story of pure love in 1970s era and romance of modern teenagers, allowing middle-aged people to recall the memories of passionate love when young. Then what’s the romantic surprise that Love Rain wants to devote to viewers?

C’est La Vie

The meaning of French words c’est la vie is “such is life.” In the drama, it’s the name of the musical cafe that was popular at that time, while the persons who work in C’est La Vie, popular DJ Dong Wook (Kim Si Hoo), In Ha (Jang Geun Suk) and Chang Mo (Seo In Guk) are referred to as C’est La Vie trio, are the popular stars in Korean university. The C’est la vie trio in the drama can help viewers to reminiscent in mind of the famous trio group C’est Si Bon that was very famous during the 1970s.

Love at first sight within 3 seconds

The people who believes in love at first sight said that “will fall in love in 3 seconds,” and in Love Rain, In Ha saw the Yoon Hee (SNSD member Im Yoona) who sat on the bench in front of 1970s arts school, and “falls in love in 3 seconds” inside his heart, indicating the fated first love of two persons. Especially after over 30 years in 2012, the son of In Ha, Seo Joon, who is known as “expert of courting girl in 3 seconds,” is making audience curious endlessly about how the heart moving “love at first sight in 3 seconds” of 1970s can continue in 2012.

Flag Lowering Ceremony

In South Korea of 1970s, every afternoon around 5pm to 6pm, the flag-lowering ceremony is held. The bustling people will stop and salute and flag when hearing the national anthem. In Love Rain, In Ha and Joon Hee stand together in the university campus because of flag-lowering ceremony, and encounters for the first time. In Ha falls in love at first sight of Yoon He, unable to control himself.

Yellow Umbrella

The yellow umbrella in Love Rain is the important media that connects In Ha and Yoon Hee. On rainy day, In Ha and Yoon Hee stand under the same bright yellow umbrella, looking forward to the pure love of two peoples with excitement and longing. In 2012, when Seo In Ha (Jung Jin Young) and Kim Yoon He (Lee Mi Sook) who are already middle-aged meet again, the bright yellow umbrella also becomes the spiritual sustenance of their past memories.

American Film “Love Story”

American movie Love Story which depicts the sad love story is the first movie they watched in their dating in Love Rain, and at the same time becomes the beginning of the interleaved emotions between In Ha, Yoon Hee and Dong Wook.

In addition, Love Rain will also stage dances, mini-skirt control, public bus conductor, DJ music room, matches piling game and others which very popular in the era of 1970s, letting people to reminiscent of the good memories at that time, further heighten the anticipation for the drama.

via TVDaily