In episode 3 of Poseidon, the leading casts Choi Si Won and Lee Si Young was engaging in a show of boxing.

In the boxing scene where occurred in the attic, Lee Soo Yoon (played by Lee Si Young) who skills in various martial arts and loves boxing is practicing boxing with Kim Sun Woo (played by Choi Si Won) who stays in the attic, separated by just a punch sandbag. In fact, Choi Si Won is effectively became a human sandbox for Lee Si Young.

During filming, the crews were nervous, as the actor and actress might get injured for any careless mistake. But Choi Si Won who exercised regularly and has a little practice on boxing, and Lee Si Young who simply loves sports in particularly boxing, is shooting the boxing scene at ease, surprising the production team.

Some scenes captured from the drama and behind the scene photos when filming the boxing scene: