Fashion King Episode 12 Synopsis Summary (Video Preview)

Synopsis Summary for Episode 12 of Fashion King

Ga Young learns that Young Gul is sued by J-Fashion when she got back to the factory. Ga Young goes to argue with Jae Hyuk, but Jae Hyuk pays no atention to her. So Ga Young hangs in the home of Jae Hyuk, does not want to leave.

Young Gul calls Ga Young, but unexpectedly the person who picks up the call is Jae Hyuk, Young Guk is furious.

Jae Hyuk’s mother suddenly pays a visit, she is hostile to Ga Young. In order to protect Ga Young, Jae Hyuk has conflict with mother.

Young Gul negotiates with Jae Hyuk, Jae Hyuk wants Young Gul to sell him the shares in YGM.

Ga Young tells Young Gul the reason she goes to work at Jae Hyuk’s company, but Young Gul does not believe her.

Fashion King Episode 12 Preview Video






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