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Fashion King

Drama Title: Fashion King
Korean Title: 패션왕
Romanization: Paeseon Wang
Chinese Name: 时尚王 / 时装王
Japanese Name: ファッション王
Genre: Romance, Drama
Episodes: 20
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: SBS
Broadcast period: 19 March 2012 – 22 May 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Monday and Tuesday 9:55 PM

Preceded By: Salaryman Cho Han Ji / History of Salaryman
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Plot Summary / Synopsis

Fashion King is a drama about people who start off fromt Dongdaemun market of Seoul and become world class fashion designers. It tells the story of the challenges and successes, love and desire of a group of aspiring youth designers who march forward to the world.

A young aspiring designer Kang Young Gul who is poor starts his fashion business at Dongdaemun market. He has never had any goals or dreams for a bright future until he meets Lee Ga Young, and together they work towards their dreams to become world class designers.


Yoo Ah In (유아인) as Kang Young Gul (강영걸)
Shin Se Kyung (신세경) as Lee Ga Young (이가영)
Lee Je Hoon (이제훈) as Jung Jae Hyuk (정재혁)
Kwon Yu Ri (유리) as Choi Anna (최안나)
Jang Mi Hee (장미희) as Madam Jo Soon Hee (조마담) – President of Boutique Jo
Han Yoo Yi (한유이) as Shin Jung Ah (신정아)
Ra Mi Ran (라미란) as Employee at Young Gul’s factory
Go Soo Hee as Employee at Young Gul’s factory
Jang Eun Bi as Employee at Young Gul’s factory
Cha Seo Won as Miss Ko
Ra Jae Woong as Chil Bok
Lee Han Wie as Hwang Tae San
Shin Seung Hwan as Jang Il Kook
Ki Eun Se as Soo Ji
Lee Yoo Joon as Eokkae
Kim Il Woo as Jung Man Ho
Lee Hye Sook as Yoon Hyang Sook
Yoon Gi Won as Secretary Kim
Kim Byung Ok as Director Kim
Yoo Chae Young as Bong Sook
Tory Burch (토리 버치) as Tory Burch (Cameo)
Vincent D’Elia (빈센트 디엘리아) as Vincent D’Elia (Cameo)

Production Credits

Director: Lee Myung Woo (이명우)
Screenwriter: Kim Gi Ho (김기호), Lee Sun Mi (이선미)

Synopsis by Summary

Viewership Ratings (Ranking)

DateEpisodeNationwide (TNS)Seoul (TNS)Nationwide (AGB)Seoul (AGB)
19 March 2012112.4 (10th)14.8 (5th)10.0 (20th)11.0 (16th)
20 March 2012211.5 (11th)13.5 (6th)8.9 (19th)9.5 (17th)
26 March 2012312.3 (10th)14.8 (5th)9.2 (16th)10.5 (14th)
27 March 2012411.6 (13th)14.2 (7th)9.6 (17th)10.9 (16th)
2 April 2012512.6 (9th)14.3 (6th)10.1 (14th)11.4 (12th)
3 April 2012612.7 (9th)14.4 (5th)10.4 (14th)12.0 (7th)
9 April 2012711.9 (9th)14.3 (7th)9.0 (16th)10.3 (12th)
10 April 2012810.7 (13th)12.6 (9th)9.7 (15th)10.6 (13th)
16 April 2012912.5 (9th)13.2 (6th)10.6 (12th)12.0 (8th)
17 April 20121011.1 (10th)13.1 (6th)9.6 (11th)10.7 (10th)
23 April 20121111.3 (12th)11.9 (7th)9.8 (14th)11.2 (9th)
24 April 20121211.6 (10th)14.1 (5th)9.4 (11th)10.7 (10th)
30 April 20121310.8 (8th)13.1 (5th)9.4 (15th)10.6 (9th)
1 May 20121410.9 (10th)13.4 (6th)9.9 (13th)10.8 (10th)
7 May 20121510.7 (7th)12.6 (6th)9.2 (12th)10.0 (9th)
8 May 20121610.9 (8th)12.3 (6th)9.2 (11th)10.0 (10th)
14 May 20121711.0 (12th)12.2 (7th)9.5 (14th)10.4 (13th)
15 May 20121811.4 (7th)12.9 (6th)9.5 (10th)10.4 (9th)
21 May 20121911.2 (7th)13.3 (4th)9.5 (13th)10.1 (8th)
22 May 20122010.8 (7th)12.8 (4th)9.6 (9th)10.4 (8th)

Source: AGB Nielson and TNmS


  • The drama was set to be the comeback project for actress Han Chae Young in Korean drama, but he chose to work on South Korean-New Zealand film Soul Mates instead because of delay.
  • Location shot in Las Vegas and New York City was done from February 11th, 2012 to February 24th, 2012, where in New York, the filming took place during the city’s semi-annual “Fashion Week” event.

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