Fashion King Episode 15 Synopsis Summary (Preview Trailer)

Synopsis Summary for Episode 15 of Fashion King

Young Gul requests Jae Hyuk to let Ga Young to return to the United States to complete her study.

Yong Gul later crafts a real diamond ring based on the main ring of Ga Young.

Yong Gul suddenly received the call from aunt, who informs him that there is news of his father.

Ga Young heard that female workers discussed about family background of Young Gul, her mind is disturbed for a long time.

Ga Young asks to meet Jae Hyuk, and she expresses that she wishes to quit from the selection of fashion king. Jae Hyuk rejects the request of Ga Young, and let Ga Young treats him to the meal. Later they go to the beach for a stroll.

Young Gul secretly the case of President Jo inherited the estate of Ga Young’s mother. He wants to help Ga Young to regain what she has lost.

Fashion King Episode 15 Preview Video






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