Fashion King Episode 18 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Episode 18 of Fashion King

Young Gul wants Ga Young to stop meddling in his plan, and Ga Young is hit a blow.

After Young Gul slept, Ga Young leaves quietly, two of them are falling into memories of the past.

Ga Young returns to work at the factory, Young Gul is very dissatisfied about it.

Ga Young cuts off all contact with Jae Hyuk, Jae Hyuk is looking for Ga Young everywhere losing his wits.

President and Young Gul encounters by chance at the hotel, president puts forward regarding the acquisition of GG.

Jae Hyuk goes to factory to find Ga Young, Ga Young rejects his heart clearly.

President invites Ga Young to be the guest at home, he proposes again the matter to cooperate with Young Gul, therefore Jae Hyuk is hit hard.





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