Fashion King Episode 19 Synopsis Summary

Synopsis Summary for Episode 19 of Fashion King

Young Gul is very mind about the words said by Jae Hyuk to Ga Young, he is extremely disturbed.

Ga Young arranges to meet Jae Hyuk. She said that she is really appreciative to Jae Hyuk for taking good care of her, but she only loves Young Gul.

Later, Jae Hyuk bumps into Young Gul in the elevator, he deliberately provokes Young Gul verbally.

President orders Jae Hyuk to stop the works at hand, but he overtly agrees but covertly opposes.

Young Gul grabs back the shop of President Jo, and he returns the shop to Ga Young, but Ga Young does not appreciate.

Father of Ga Young passed away due to illness, Young Gul falls into deep pain. Ga Young who doesn’t know about it constantly adds fuel to the fire.





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