Synopsis Summary for Episode 3 of Fashion King

Young Gul is being ignored by Jae Hyuk. He becomes homeless and wanders and struggles on the street with hunger. He heads to consulate to Younggeol (Yoo Ah-In) went down streets, starving. He heads to claim that he is the victim of mutiny on board the ship, instead he is accused as a criminal and been reported to police.

After grasping the situation, Young Gul escapes, reunites with Ga Young after twists and turns.

In order not to affect and violate Bong Sook, Ga Young finds a house to stay together with Young Gul. They bring in a sewing machine and the two persons begin to make clothes tirelessly.

While Young Gul is selling clothes at flea market, he receives a business card from a man. He encounters Anna when finding the man.

Fashion King Episode 3 Preview Video