The SBS TV Monday and Tuesday drama series Fashion King which premiered on March 19th, 2012 has a compact story, the plot is closely interlinked, personality of characters is distinctive, indicating the likelihood of success. The episode 1 aired on March 19th, 2012 depicted the process of fated meeting between Young Gul (You Ah In), Ga Young (Shin Se Kyung) and Jae Hyuk (Lee Je Hoon), at the same time transferred the life stage naturally to New York.

One of the most compelling plot is the living background of Ga Young. Fashion King only spent a few seconds to portray the confronting relationship of heroine Ga Young and Madam Jo (Jang Mi Hee) who tortured her, facilitating understanding by audience. The fire accident caused Ga Young to become an orphan who has no hiding place in the world, and lets her met Young Gul by chance, the scene that accomplished at once stayed in the mind of audience, immediately made clear the relationship between the two.

In such a compact plot, the screenwriter did not forget to carefully plant the hints foreshadowing later developments. In order to let the plot of Young Gul helping Ga Young to go to New York unobtrusive, it’s designed as Young Gul made big money by peeping the design of Ga Young, and feel guilty conscience, so he helps Ga Young. Young Gul who made big money through stealing the design of Ga Young is also hunting by underworld, thus the audience can guess that Ga Young will sneak into USA by boat.

Not only the compact plot of Fashion King been praised. Even if the story is compact, still need a longer time to depict the image of the characters. Otherwise, there may be situation where because of compact story, the personality of the characters is not clear. However, Fashion King is still perfectly showing the image of the various characters. Ga Young who suffers many setbacks due to poor family although possessed gifted talent, Young Gul who suffers pain since young but is energetic and has will and spirits, and Jae Hyuk who has power and influence, showing their strong personality respectively.

With only 1 episode aired, Fashion King has foreshadowed the future story development of lead characters Ga Young, Young Gul and Jae Hyuk, making people very much looking forward to the subsequent development of the plot. The stage of Fashion King moved from South Korea to United States of America. In addition, the last lead character, Girls’ Generation member Kwon Yuri is yet to make her appearance officially. The meeting of four lead characters is expected to begin in episode 2, which is highly anticipated.

Right from the debut, Fashion King has shown the likelihood of success. The reason for been able to obtain such results, is due to the passion and vitality of young trio leading actors who starred in episode 1. However, if the 4 leading actors and actresses forgotten about the planning intent to tell the story of fashion industry, but stick to the love between man and woman, then the unique style displayed in episode 1 will lose its shine.

The stable acting of lead actors and unique theme that tells the fashion story have made Fashion King full of charm comparing with any other TV series. Whether it can continue to have both interesting plot and fashion story, remains to be seen.

via TVDaily