Fashion King Lousy Ending & Similarity with What Happened in Bali Criticized

SBS Monday and Tuesday drama series “Fashion King” starring Girls’ Yoo Ah In, Shin Se Kyung, Generation member Kwon Yuri and Lee Je Hoon aired its final episode 20 on May 22nd, 2012. The lousy ending of the drama not only led to audience’s dissatisfaction, some media has also mocked the drama as the sequel for “What Happened in Bali”, the drama actor Jo In Sung is famous for.

According to statistics released by AGB Nielson Media Research company on May 23rd, 2012, the final episode of “Fashion King” aired on May 22nd, 2012 rated national average rating of 9.6%, failed to break the 2-digit audience ratings.

Many sharp-eyes netizens found that the plot development of “Fashion King” is becoming more and more similar despite different approach with “What Happened in Bali”. What’s most shocking is that “Fashion King” even copied the ending of “What Happened in Bali”, causing audience dissatisfaction.





8 responses to “Fashion King Lousy Ending & Similarity with What Happened in Bali Criticized”

  1. ♥ ユ・アイン ♥ Avatar

    So disappointed! Horrible ending ever!

  2. matheo Avatar

    kill the writer , the worst ending I’ve ever seen kill the drama and most important he trow the hard wor of yo in ah he was the best of this stupid drama

  3. Aaa Avatar

    really worst ending 

  4. xee-A Avatar

    I guess the writer can only make this kind of ending, idk.. lack of creativity? ;p

  5. xee-A Avatar

    I guess the writer can only make this kind of ending, idk.. lack of creativity? ;p

  6. Gajejasjane Avatar

    hmmmmmmmmmm i will continue to support them as well as ANNA

  7. Davia Avatar

    Because of the incredible acting I really liked this melodrama.  The actors made the drama psychologically interesting.   But the ending was like and old hollywood trash novel.  It was completely lacking creatively.  Flawed endings are apparently quite common in K-dramas.  I would really like to understand the mentality behind that.  Even if it is going to be a tragic ending it should be well done.  The ending is the taste that lingers in your mouth.  Really the most important part. 

    The other thing I didn’t like is how Yang Gul was written as a clownish (with his clothes after he got rich) and revenge seeking just because he wanted Ga Young’s and his company back.
    And then to kill him off because evidently he was ‘too greedy’ as the moral of the story.  Please, give me a break!  How juvenile.  

    If that was to be the case then the character should have been written as an ingrate right from the start and not someone with a good heart that we grew to love.  Yang Gul had an earthy realness about him and was not a pretentious character like Jae Hyuk.  He was not the type of person who would loose his bearings.

    These are unfortunately not top class writers and should not have been given such a high end project.  The production company in reading the script should caught that.  These are amazing actors and deserved better.

  8. bix2anca Avatar

    No similarity with What happened in Bali at all!
    There, you know WHO did it and WHY… Here, you remain lost in space…
    Bad or good as a character, Young Gul deserved a better life…and death. Even the actor said that the scene was filmed from the beginning but he doesn’t know ether what it is all about.
    Sad, but true! Accepting a role and not knowing what’s happening with your character, it is difficult to understand.

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