The Musical Fresh Images of Actors and Actresses

Fresh Image of Goo Hye Sun and Daniel Choi in The Musical

The first episode of The Musical proved to be a refreshing experience for the viewers. On September 2nd, 2011, SBS aired the premiere of The Musical episode 1. This is the first time ever for Korea that a drama series is centered around the theme of musical.

The Musical presents a fresh combination of Gu Hye Sun who acted as a musical singer, and Daniel Choi who wears spectacle. And this is also the first time Goo Hye Sun and Daniel Choi jointly appear in a drama.

In the drama, Go Eun Bi (played by Goo Hye Sun) who crazy with and deeply in love with the musical. Her passion towards the musical has let musical be her first priority, and she is better in memorizing everything about Bae Kang Hee, the best musical actress than memorizing the medical terms. She even takes leave of absent from school, and secretly goes for audition, but she failed on every audition. But she doesn’t give up and continue to find opportunity.

Hong Jae Yi (played by Daniel Choi) is a handsome and talented musical composer cum director. He has the typical liberal, sensible, rich, and willful characteristics of an artist. But he is hurt in emotional feeling.

On the fated day, Eun Bi and Jae Yi meets accidentally. While Eun Bi is singing non-stop on the riverbank, Jae Yi tries to stop her, “Don’t sing again, your singing is not good, it should not sounded like this.” Eun Bi said, “Who are you? Why you stop me?” Jae Yi said he is the one who compose the song. Eun Bi said unbelievably, “You’re Jae Yi? Then I am Bae Kang Hee!” Jae Yi then tells her, “You don’t have talent, don’t dream of be a musical artist.”

But Eun Bi does not yield, and has strong will. After 1 year, she still train hard for musical and participate in audition.

Then, both of them reunited after 1 year. Under the piano recital by Jae Yi, Eun Bi sings in concert with the tune, making Jae Yi smiled. The subtle and delicate relationship between the two person can be felt.

The reunited day on the drama reveals the fresh combination of the first couple with singing capability of Goo Hye Sun, and the charming bespectacled Choi Daniel. Audience said, “They’re matched,” “They are really good together,” “I am looking forward to the future acting,” “The Musical is good and entertaining” and other responses.

The Musical Fresh Images of Actors and Actresses

The Musical had been prepared and started filming since last year, and the drama marked the resurrection of SBS Friday drama, and hence received great attention.





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