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One of the insert song in Chinese idol drama In Time with You (I May Not Love You) is “Friend of Ordinary Friend” (普通朋友的朋友), or in Pinyin, Pu Tong Peng You De Peng You. The song title is also been translated as “Friend Who is a Platonic Friend” or “Just a Friend of a Friend”. The song is sang by Emerson Tsai Chang Hsien (蔡昌憲).

Friend of Ordinary Friend is recorded in the original soundtrack (OST) for In Time with You which is released on October 18, 2011. The song is composed by Feng Yuan (馮源) and written by He Xiao P (何小P).

In Time with You OST Track List

  1. Still Will (還是會) – Weibird (William) Wei
  2. Wings (翅膀) – by Ariel Lin
  3. I Will Not Like You (我不會喜歡你) – Instrumental
  4. Still will (還是會) – Instrumental
  5. Starting Now (現在開始) – Biung Tak-Banuaz
  6. Friend of Ordinary Friend (普通朋友的朋友) – Emerson Tsai
  7. Stand on Tiptoe Love (踮起腳尖愛) – Hong Pei Yu
  8. Wings (翅膀) – Instrumental)
  9. I Will Not Like You (我不會喜歡你) – Bolin Chen
  10. Revolving Door (旋轉門) – Aggie

Listen to Friend of Ordinary Friend (普通朋友的朋友) at YouTube (alternative)

In Time with You

Friend of Ordinary Friend (普通朋友的朋友) Lyric

當陽光在掠奪 落單人守候同片日落
探討著有什麼 一輩子 陪伴左右
寄不出的落寞 逃脫不掉的悸動
為何留我在你冷漠中 安排聽說

際遇像煙火 短暫美麗也脆弱
絢爛過 破曉了缺口 留下無盡黑洞

要說些什麼 應該說些什麼
告訴我還 能夠為你 做什麼
不是普通朋友 只是普通朋友的朋友
到了最後 反而就 我們很不熟

寫一首歌來歌頌 在無關痛癢段落
一個儲藏回憶的駱駝 感覺負重

要我說些什麼 應該說些什麼
告訴我還 能夠為你 做什麼
不是普通朋友 只是普通朋友的朋友
做你的朋友 的朋友 我們不是太熟
什麼朋友 這朋友 QNMD地朋友
到了最後 反正就朋友
到了最後 反正就朋友