Channel CGV’s Girl K (also known as Killer K or Little Girl K) has won universal praise and critical acclaim due to its dynamic story plot. Girl K has 3 episodes in total, and is often regarded as TV movie instead of drama.

On the Girl K second episode that was aired on September 3rd, saw the begin of full fledged revenge by Cha Yeon Jin, a young gritty killer whose character is played by Han Groo, and also hence the intense fighting scene. Han Groo uses a variety of weapons and martial arts in the drama, but her blade-fight scene were especially impressed the audience due its ruthless and slick sequencing.

In addition, Han Groo’s acting skills have also won critical acclaim, especially after it was revealed she is a rookie who is originally a singer with only minimal amount of acting experience. And that intrigues and touches the viewers.

Girl K also was praised by viewers to have realistic action action sequences, cruel scenes, and provide a sense of suspense, just like watching a action-pack blockbuster in cinema. The foundation solid plot and steeled casts will develop the drama further.

Some photos of Han Groo’s action scenes with blade in the drama:

Meanwhile, the televised episode 2 of Killer K (Girl K / Little Girl K) managed to garner average ratings of 1%, with the highest ratings of 1.4%, according to AGB Nielsen Media Research for Cable TV showing. The rating tops the list for both current cable TV program and also historical rating on cable TV on the time slot.

Now, the daily buzz is about the last episode of Girl K to air on September 10, 2011.

via Nate