Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Shows Ambition to Enter Film Industry

On April 27th, 2012, Girls’ Generation member YoonA participated in the press conference of KBS 2TV Monday and Tuesday drama “Love Rain” held at the vicinity of Samsu-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul. She said, “I will certainly watch the acting of same-age actors,” revealing her passion to acting. And YoonA also said, “Heard that acting of Suzy in ‘Architecture 101’ is critically acclaimed, so I went to watch out of curiosity. The background is similar to ‘Love Rain’, and the role in the movie is very matching with Suzy, just like a person wears a fitting cloth, very harmonious. ”

When reporters asked whether she used to invited to star in “Architecture 101”, YoonA honked her mouth cutely and answered, “Until the final day of filming, I didn’t know about it.”

YoonA said, “I still do not have the experience starring in movie, if there is a chance, hope can like Suzy, playing a beautiful and innocent role. Although also very want to challenge the antagonist role, but the person who watches may feel a little awkward.” And she laughed after saying.

The 20-episode “Love Rain” is the comeback drama of director Yoon Suk Ho who directed “An Autumn’s Tale” and “Winter Sonata”, and as such attracted the concern of everyone, but although have now aired 10 episodes, it still rank last among Monday and Tuesday drama with 5% viewership ratings.

About such a low ratings, YoonA said, “My first drama ‘You Are My Destiny’ achieved 40% ratings, at that time I did not know that this is a high ratings. Until I shot the ‘Cinderella Man’, then I understood.” She went on to say, “In the past, I smiled while seeing malicious messages, but now I feel very hurt when seeing one. Now is the time for me to become stronger and grow.”

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4 responses to “Girls’ Generation’s YoonA Shows Ambition to Enter Film Industry”

  1. Andrea Riquelme Avatar

    great!…yoona is a good actress!….I hope that she work in a film…soon.

  2. lexie Avatar

    YoonA is a revelation in love rain.  I think the roles somehow stretch her range as an actress and its a good acting experience for her working w/ legendary director & writer, plus credible senior stars, & what can i say, JGS who is himself a very good actor. She’s learning from the BEST!!!

    1. you are right Avatar
      you are right

      you are right that she is learning from the best. Also ALL actresses who starred in PD Yoon Seok-ho’s dramas have all gone out to be very successful actresses and very great, despite the ratings. :D

      Love Rain is truly the best drama this year!!

  3. Melissa Avatar

    Yoona has proved to be a good actress in Love Rain. She’s able to capture the hearts of the audience. Truthfully speaking, the only thing that kept me from watching this drama was Love Rain. I have 0% interest in SNSD that’s why. :P But nah, I think the beautiful cinematography won over my lack of interest in SNSD, therefore I went ahead to watch it. Luckily I did! I don’t regret a thing! She’s such a good actress, I’d say. I normally don’t praise SNSD lol and I think this is my first time I praise one of their members. Kudos to Yoona! Work hard in your future projects and show us a better side of you as a actress! LOVE RAIN FIGHTING <3

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