On April 5th, 2012, the production team of Channel A drama series K-Pop – The Ultimate Audition published the behind the scene photos of Go Eun Ah disguising as a man on the set.

Go Eun Ah easily mixed around the cast members and crew members with her unique lively character, and made the atmosphere on the scene active.

The first photo that was published showed that Go Eun Ah’s relationship with Park Yoo Hwan whom she always finds fault with is as close as siblings. In addition the bruising makeup on the face of Park Yoo Hwan is provoking laughter. Go Eun Ha embraced Park Yoo Hwan tightly with two hands, and smiled sweetly, very eye-catching. In another photo, Go Eun Ah held the hand to blow, provoking Park Yoo Hwan to laughter.

Seeing the actions of Go Eun Ah which is getting 'physical' on male actor, netizens commented, "Go Eun Ah's hand is molesting," "Looks like they're very close," "Feel that Eun Ah's personality is very affine." and so on.

In the last photos, Go Eun Ah and Park Yoo Hwan took a selca of themselves.

The male actors who co-starring with Go Eun Ah are captivating by her lively and spoiled charm, although the filming schedule is busy, but everybody is vibrant, and the shooting scene is full of vitality.