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Hai Ku Shi Lan (Seas Run Dry and Rocks Crumble) MV – Olivia Ong

“Seas Run Dry and Rocks Crumble” or “Hai Ku Shi Lan” is the Pinyin pronunciation for “海枯石烂”, the title of the song sang by Olivia Ong Li Ting (王俪婷), a Singaporean singer. The title has also been translated into English as “When the Seas Run Dry and the Stones Go Soft” or “When the Seas Run Dry and the Rocks Crumble.” The 4-word title is actually a Chinese idiom, which means firm determination and strong will that never change, and mostly used to describe love relationship between man and woman.

“When Seas Run Dry and Rocks Crumble” is a hit ballad song recorded in the Olivia Ong’s second album with HIM Music. The “Hai Ku Shi Lan” has been used as the Chinese theme song for the movie “One Day” (真愛挑日子), and as the insert song for Singapore drama series “The Oath.” It’s composed, written and produced by Will Peng (仔仔).

Watch the When Seas Run Dry and Rocks Crumble (海枯石烂) official MV:

Olivia Ong Romance

When Seas Run Dry and Rocks Crumble (海枯石烂) Lyric


別再擔心我什麼了 別把我寵壞
只要你平安回來 就夠浪漫


不怕明天的世界 會變成怎樣
每天看見你笑臉 我就心安
不管外面的世界 想變成怎樣
我們還有我們的 小小天堂

我有你放在心上 生命就有了重量
一起看海枯石爛 一起等地老天荒
慢慢愛 不慌不忙

我有你守在身旁 眼睛就可以勇敢
就算真海枯石爛 就算已地老天荒
還相愛 就沒遺憾 (不遺憾)

Hai Ku Shi Lan (海枯石烂) Lyric English Translation

These few days the weather of the city you at must be fair
Because you are a sun
If you are free to think of me then online to say good night
Let the stars in dream glitter

Do not worry about me, do not spoil me
As long as you come back safely, it’s romance enough

These few days without you, of course is a little dull and lonely
But I am grateful to this loneliness
Let me more ascertain that you are the missing half of me
Complete the other half of me

Not afraid of what would become of tomorrow’s world
I have peace of mind when seeing you smile every day
No matter what the outside world wants to become
We still have our little paradise

I have you in my heart, the life has the weight
The wind will not drift
Together we look at the seas run dry and the rocks crumble, together wait for the end of life
Slowly love, leisurely

I have you by the side, the eyes can be brave
See how long is years
If really the seas run dry and the rocks crumble, if it’s already end of life
Still loving each other, then does not regret (no regret)





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