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How Fermentation Famly Actors Fight the Cold

JTBC Wednesday and Thursday drama series Fermentation Family (Kimchi Family) has recently made ​​public the behind the scene photos from the set that show the methods to resist the cold.

The set of Fermentation Family that is located at Wanju city is colder by 5 degrees than within the Jeonju. As it’s surrounding with mountains, so the weather is even colder. Some actors have to wear very little when filming, so each of them has their own way to resist the cold and keep warm.

The photos released by producer include Song Il Gook who was filming in thick jacket, Kim Young Hoon who was reading the script, Park Jin Hee who was enclosed with scarf and sat near to heater, and child actress Yoon Hee Soo who covered in coat.

Above all, the look of Park Jin Hee covered the ear of a child actor was especially warming, directly expressed the heart-warming scene on the shooting set.

As there are many child actors starring in Fermentation Family, so Song Il Gook, Park Jin Hee and other adult actors often prepare cold-resistance measures in order to take good care of the child actors.

According to relevant person in charge of filming, “Song Il Gook and Choi Jae Sung have to wear chef’s uniform, so they cannot wear jacket. So they have to always shoot under the condition of cold weather. Sometimes, you may hear Song Il Gook roars a few times in order to overcome the cold weather.”

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