Fermented Family

Fermentation Family / Fermented (Kimchi) Family

Fermentation Family

Drama Title: Fermentation Family
Korean Title: 발효가족
Romanization Pronunciation: Bal-hyo-ga-jok / Balhyogajog / Balhyo Kajok
Chinese Name: 发酵家族
Japanese Name: 発酵家族
Also Known As: Fermented Family / Kimchi Family / Balhyo Family
Genre: Family, Romance
Episodes: 24
Broadcast Place: South Korea
Broadcast network: JTBC
Broadcast period: 7 December 2011 – 23 February 2012
Language: Korean
Air time: Wednesday and Thursday 8:45 PM

Preceded By: N/A
Followed By: A Wife’s Credentials

Plot Summary / Synopsis

Set within the famous Korean restaurant Chunjiin, known especially for their kimchi dish. This drama is about two daughters who get ownership of their father’s restaurant, and a rough and tumble gangster who grew up as an orphan, begins to work at the restaurant and sets about looking for a piece of his past.


Song Il Gook (송일국) as Ki Ho Tae (기호태)
Park Jin Hee (박진희) as Lee Kang San (이강산)
Lee Min Young (이민영) as Lee Woo Joo (이우주)
Choi Jae Sung (최재성) as Kang Do Sik (강도식)
Kim Young Hoon (김영훈) as Oh Jae Hoon (오해준)
Kang Shin Il (강신일) as Lee Ki Chan (이기찬)
Lee Dae Keun (이대근) as Elder Sul (설노인)
Kim Byung Choon (김병춘) as Han Pyung Man (한평만)
Yoon Hee-Soo (윤희수) as Na Eun-Bi (나은비)
Jung Ae Ri (정애리) as Jung Hyun Sook (정현숙)
Choi Duk Moon (최덕문) as Jo Dae Sik (조대식)
Jo Jae Wan (조재완) as Park Hyun Soo (박현수)
Oh Yong / Woo Yong (오용) as Jo Mi-nam (조미남)
Jo Yeon Woo (조연우) as Choi Yong Bin (최용빈)
Lee Il Hwa as Jung Geum Joo

Fermentation Family Characters Description

Production Credits

Director: Park Chan Hong (박찬홍)
Screenwriter: Kim Jee Woo (김지우)

Viewership Ratings

Episode Date Nationwide (AGB)
1 7 December 2011 1.563
2 8 December 2011 0.678
3 14 December 2011 1.222
4 15 December 2011 0.796
5 21 December 2011 1.062
6 22 December 2011 0.803
7 28 December 2011 0.952
8 29 December 2011 1.154
9 4 January 2012 1.076
10 5 January 2012 0.779
11 11 January 2012 0.667
12 12 January 2012 0.531
13 18 January 2012 0.705
14 19 January 2012 0.642
15 25 January 2012 0.820
16 26 January 2012 0.811
17 1 February 2012 0.877
18 2 February 2012 0.984
19 8 February 2012 1.005
20 9 February 2012 1.061
21 15 February 2012 0.842
22 16 February 2012 0.799
23 22 February 2012 0.612
24 23 February 2012 0.694

Source: AGB Nielson Media Research

Synopsis by Episode

Official Site (JTBC)
Official Photo Gallery

Fermentation Family / Fermented Family / Kimchi Family Trailers

Fermentation Family OST Part 1 – Stupid Love
Fermentation Family OST Part 2 – The Words on My Lips
Fermentation Family OST Part 3 – Afraid of Love
Fermentation Family OST Part 4 – Beautiful Memories
Fermentation Family OST – Heaven, Earth & Man (Chunjiin)

Watch online with English subtitle at dramafever.com.
Watch online with Chinese subtitle at letv.com, tudou.com or youku.com.

News, Interview and Behind the Scene

Photo Gallery


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  8. Jennifer Avatar

    Does anyone know the name of the song and the artist for the opening credits? I’m looking for the song that they always play while they are showing how the kimchi is made, not the love songs in other parts of the show. Thanks!

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  10.  Avatar

    Just like Jennifer I am looking for that title song but have had no luck.

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  16. Autumn Sims Avatar
    Autumn Sims

    I’m with both of you I have fallen for that song.

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